On the 27th 28th and 29th my favorite cousins r comin over!!! They ALWAYS fight with me but i hope they don't! One is 10 the other is 8 and the 8 year old is autistic. heres what I got them: a nice purse,  Some LIV doll stuff,  American girl 50.00 gift cards,  lots of clothes andcalenders.  I got my mom a Gps ( $110.99) dollars! And it was on sale!!!
I got an green ipod nano   in a pink case/cover and orange earplugs a nintendo dsi in pink, a case for it, 4 nintendo dsi games, A Pink horned monster i named Minx from TheJaeBird, Now 35 cd, a $10 music gift card, 8 packs of earrings,

    Heyyy Merry x-mas from BamBam i got an ipod touch,  wii and a dsi xl:) and check out our different pages and our AWESOME poptropicans and go and play on Poptropica and try and find us. Happy Holidays from Bam,  Jae and Sam (Bam wrote this.) Ohh and follow cutestuff525 on Twitter if u have one and if u like our website PLZ advertise on Twitter and Facebook.
                                                                        Thanks BamBam
                                                                           <3 Christmas:)