hi guys! I just got bored and decided to go on... Well I'm now thirteen and in 7th grade. wow long time it's been. Like two years almost, probably. Right now I'm on Thanksgiving break, so no school tommorow! Well buh bye!!:)
Hey it's BAM, well i just wanted to tell you our twitter accounts!! Ok, mine is @cutestuff525 and Jae's is @smile2311. Sam doesnt have one YET.
Much love
Bam ♥
Friends are like sisters...
Treat them like one!

I wish summer would come but I will miss my 5th grade teachers <3
My computer battery went bizerk and the computers now broken, I'm on my moms old laptop but it could die like my laptop, and then I 'd be stuck without a computer for 3 or 4 weeks. Thats right, 3 OR 4 WEEKS!! soo I won't be on facebook a lot or twitter, or cp, or anything that much. I will be on the computer tho. I just helped my mom rearange the back rooms furniture.
(Scene 1: Restaurant)
Friend: Do you have any take out cups?
Waitress: Uh... yeah?
Friend: Well can I have some raspberry ice tea in a take out cup?
Waitress: Um... sure.
(Waitress walks away)
(Waitress comes back)
Waitress: You know what I'm not going to do that.
(Waitress walks away) 
(We all laugh)
(I think either the waitress was lazy or they just didn't do that  at that restaurant either way that was funny.... really funny)




Happy late new year!!!! BamBam:)
Everyone have a happy new years!!!!
Thinking is wondering and wondering is wonderful (don't ask I read this on the inside of a juice cap)   :)
I had an AWESOME christmas!! They only part that stinks is the whole fact that it's over. Oh well, Merry Late Chhristmas!!